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How To Get Free Aeria Points (AP)

Do you play an Aeria game? How would you like to get free Aeria Points to unlock additional premium items in your favourite game?

With your free Aeria Points you'll be able to purchase exclusive items, access extra content, get experience boosts and much more.

How To Get Your Free Aeria Points:
Getting your own free Aeria Points couldn't be easier, simple register for PrizeRebel and complete offers to earn a free Ultimate Game Card Code. This UGC code can be redeemed in any Aeria games for free Aeria Points (AP).

Offers range from watching videos, completing surveys, taking quizzes, testing out products and even trying other games. With just some spare time you'll be able to buy that Cash Shop item that you've had your eye on with your free AP.

PrizeRebel is your number one destination for free Aeria Points with its friendly forum community and helpful support staff you will be able to earn unlimited free Aeria Points in no time! Just look at the $5 Ultimate Game Card below which I got in my first hour of using the PrizeRebel website.

How To Claim Your Free Aeria Points From PrizeRebel:

  • Register for PrizeRebel (get 10 points when you finish your profile!)
  • Complete the various offers that are available on the website
  • Earn enough points to redeem a free Ultimate Game Card (UGC) code.
  • Login to your favourite Aeria game and redeem your UGC for your free Aeria Points.
  • Spend your freeAeria Points for premium items.

Redeeming Your Free Aeria Points With An Ultimate Game Card:

  • Login to your Aeria Games account and visit the 'Buy AP' page.
  • Select 'Ultimate Game Card' from the list of payment options and click roceed.
  • Choose the amount of your Ultimate Game Card ($5 or $10) depending on how many points you earned on PrizeRebel before redeeming a code.
  • Review your order and then click the proceed button.
  • A window will now appear for you to enter in your Ultimate Game Card PIN.