Free UGC

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Free UGC (Ultimate Game Cards)

Tired of not having a membership or premium currency for your favourite game? Use Free UGC to claim your own free Ultimate Game Cards. 

Now you can access premium features in over a thousand different games. Due to the shutdown of the Ultimate Game Card you can now get free Rixty game codes which has become the number one alternative to Ultimate Game Cards.

What are Ultimate Game Cards (UGC)?
Ultimate Game Cards (UGC) are the ultimate way to get your game memberships and premium game currencies. By using Ultimate Game Cards you can access premium content in thousands of popular online games.

You can use your free UGC codes in all of your favourite games including World of Tanks, Champions Online, Rumble Fighter, RuneScape, Fantage, Need For Speed World and many more to unlock additional digital content.

Ultimate Game Cards offer the safety and security that no other game card can match making it the number #1 prepaid gaming card available.

How To Get Free UGC:
To claim your free UGC simply register for PrizeRebel and complete the available offers on the website. These offers range from surveys, signing up for websites, playing games, watching videos and participating in contests.

For every offer you complete you will earn points and once you have earned enough points you can redeem them for a free $10 Rixty code.

These free Ultimate Game Card codes can be redeemed in your favourite game for a membership, premium content or virtual items. You can see a full list of games that currently accept Ultimate Game Cards here.

Just Some Of The Things You Can Get With Your Free UGC:

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