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How To Get Free Adventure Coins For AQWorlds

Are you hooked on Adventure Quest Worlds? How would you like to get free Adventure Coins to spend on awesome in-game goodies? Now you can easily get your hands on some free Adventure Coins without using the AEXtras feature.

How Do I Get My Free Adventure Coins?

Just register for PrizeRebel and complete simple offers to earn a free Ultimate Game Card (UGC). Once you've earned your free UGC you can redeem it for free Adventure Coins on Adventure Quest Worlds.

The offers on PrizeRebel that you will complete to get your free Adventure Coins range from surveys to clicking advertisements to playing games and watching videos. By completing these simple tasks you will be able to easily get your own free Adventure Coins.

PrizeRebel has been online since 2007 and has been offering gamers an easy way to get game goodies and currencies for their favourite game. You can see one of the UGC codes I've redeemed below:

What Do I Get With My Free Adventure Coins?

With your free Adventure Coins from PrizeRebel you can customise and boost your character's power to levels that you could not achieve before.

Your free Adventure Coins will allow you to purchase rare and permanent weaponry and armor or allow you to increase the number of bag slots that you have available, increasing the number of items that you can carry into every battle. Adventure Coins will also give you access to the limited edition epic items of Adventure Quest.

How To Redeem Your Free Adventure Coins:

  • Complete offers on PrizeRebel for a free Ultimate Game Card.
  • Login to your Adventure Quest Worlds account and visit the Adventure Coins page.
  • Select your desired amount of free Adventure Coins:
  • Scroll down the page until you get to the 'UltimatePay' section, select the 'Ultimate Game Card' tab and enter in the PIN provided by PrizeRebel along with your AQWorlds account information.

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