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How To Get Free Andermant For Drakensang Online

Do you play Drakensang Online? How would you like to get free Andermant to spend on powerful equipment, essences, enhancements and crystals of truth.

How Do I Get My Free Andermant?

To get your free Andermant for Drakensang Online simply sign-up for PrizeRebel and complete offers on the PrizeRebel website for points. Once you earn enough points you can redeem an Ultimate Game Card which you can trade in for free Andermant.

To earn points on PrizeRebel all you have to do is complete surveys, register for websites, play games, compete in contests and even trial products.

In no time at all you will be able to get your free Andermant to spend however you see fit. Start earning points on PrizeRebel now for your free Andermant.

What Is Andermant?

Andermant is the premium game currency in Drakensang Online which can be collected from farms or purchased with real money. Andermant comes by itself or in package deals with payment options including credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and prepaid game cards (including the Ultimate Game Card).

All characters on your account have access to your purchased Andermant. However, you cannot trade or gift Andermant to other accounts once you have claimed your free Andermant.

With your Andermant you will unlock an artifact dealer who sells the highest quality equipment while also gaining access to an alchemist, blacksmith and jeweler who are capable of enchanting your items

Claiming Your Free Andermant From PrizeRebel:

  • Register for the PrizeRebel website and complete offers to earn points for a UGC.
  • Login to your account and visit the purchase Andermant page as shown below

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