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How To Get Free Cubits For Battlestar Galactica Online

Are you hooked on Battletar Galactica Online? Tired of not having enough Cubits? Get your free Cubits now to unlock everything that you've ever wanted.

How Do I Get My Free Cubits?

To get your free Cubits for Battlestar Galactica Online just sign-up for PrizeRebel and complete the available offers on their website for points. Once you have earned enough points you can claim a free Ultimate Game Card (UGC) which you can redeem for your free Cubits.

The offers on PrizeRebel include surveys, playing games, watching videos, registering for websites and even clicking advertisements. By completing these simple tasks you will be able to earn your free Cubits in no time.

What Are Cubits? What Can I Buy With My Free Cubits?

Cubits is the most valued currency in Battlestar Galactica Online and is used to purchase ships, resources and boosters. Cubits can be obtained through normal gameplay but can also be purchased directly with real money using a credit card, PayPal and a number of prepaid game cards (including Ultimate Game Card).

With your free Cubits for Battlestar Galactica Online you can quickly access all the premium items you want in game without having to spend hours and hours gaining the Cubits from gameplay.

Redeeming Your Free Cubits From PrizeRebel:

  • Register your PrizeRebel account and complete offers for an Ultimate Game Card.
  • Once you've claimed your code from PrizeRebel login to your Battlestar Galactica Online account and access the 'Get Cubits' page.
  • Select your desired amount of cubits and select the Ultimate GC option.
  • This will open another window where you will enter your UGC PIN from PrizeRebel.

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