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How To Get Free Fantage eCoins and Free Membership

Do you like playing Fantage? Are you looking for an easy way to get free Fantage eCoins or a free Fantage Membership?

Get them both for free now by using PrizeRebel. Now you can get all the premium items that you have ever wanted in Fantage (and much more).

How To Get Your Free eCoins or Free Membership For Fantage:

To get your free eCoins or free Fantage Membership simply register for PrizeRebel and complete the simple tasks on their website. These simple tasks include giving your opinion, playing games, watching videos and making searched with Google.

Once you have earned enough points on PrizeRebel you will be able to claim an Ultimate Game Card which you can redeem on Fantage for some free eCoins or a free Fantage membership, the choice is yours!

PrizeRebel has millions of members and has been the number one destination for free prizes since 2007, it is also the easiest and fastest way to get free Fantage goodies without breaking the law. You can see just one of the many Ultimate Game Codes that I have used for Fantage eCoins here:

What You Can Get With Free Fantage eCoins:

  • Customise your avatar with cool hairstyles, clothing and costumes.
  • Purchase any Fantage home and decorate it with special furniture.
  • Items purchased with eCoins never disappear! 
  • Buy Magic Codes and hatch pets instantly with your free eCoins.
  • Get Fantage gems to unlock super rare items.
  • Use your free eCoins on discounted package sets.
    See the full list of Fantage eCoin benefits.

What You Get With A Free Fantage Membership:

  • Access Premium, Luxury and even Rare items!
  • Level up faster in Fantage and get Premium Member only medals (shown above)
  • Get 5000 free stars every month.
  • Get a free monthly Fantage Member Gift.
  • Collect all the pets in the Fantage universe.
  • Double any eCoins that your purchase.
    See the full list of Fantage Membership benefits.

Redeeming Your Free Fantage eCoins or Free Fantage Membership:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and earn enough points to redeem an Ultimate Game Card.
  • Login your account and visit the purchase page.
  • Select your desired amount of free eCoins or Membership and press 'Checkout'
  • Select 'Ultimate Game Card' as your payment method and enter in the code from PrizeRebel. Then click 'I Agree, Continue' (shown below).

Congratulations, you have now redeemed your free eCoins or Membership on Fantage.

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