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How To Get Free Golden Beans (GB)

Do you play one of the games published by Game321? Are you looking for a way to get free Golden Beans (GB)? Now there is an easy way for you to get free Golden Beans which you can use in your favourite game.

How Do I Get My Free Golden Beans?

Claiming you free olden Beans couldn't be easier, simply register for PrizeRebel and earn enough points for a free Ultimate Game Card which you can redeem for free Golden Beans in your favourite Game321 game.

To earn your free Ultimate Game Card from PrizeRebel just earn points by completing surveys, signing up for websites, visiting sponsored advertisements, playing games and trialling sevices.

The sooner you start using PrizeRebel the quicker you can get your free Golden Beans for your favourite Game321 game to spend on premium items, game features and content.

What Are Golden Beans?

Golden Beans or GB are the premium cirtual currency which is used in all games published by Games321 (see the picture below). This game currency allows you to enhance your game xerpeicen with items from the shop which include equipment, pets, accessories, boosts and mounts.

How To Redeem Your Free Golden Beans:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and complete easy offers on their website.
  • Earn enough points for an Ultimate Game Card (UGC)
  • Login to your Game321 account (or your game account) and click 'Charge'.
  • Select Ultimate Game Card as your payment method then select the, choose your desired amount of Golden Beans and fill in your account information.

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