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How To Get Free NCash 

Do you play one of the games published by Netgame? Now you can easily get your own free NCash for your favourite game to get premium game items and features.

How Do I Get My free NCash?

To claim your free NCash simply register for PrizeRebel and complete offers or surveys through their website. By completing these taks you can earn a free Ultimate Game Card which you can redeem for NCash in your favourite Netgame published game.

PrizeRebel is similar to the free NCash offers available except that PrizeRebel has easier offers which also feature higher rewards. This is because PrizeRebel has been a dedicated reward website since 2007 and has access to the very best sponsored and advertisements.

You can see one of the Ultimate Game Cards I have used for free NCash below:

What Is NCash?
NCash is the premium virtual currency that is available in games accessed through the portal. With NCash you can boost your power, customise your character and unlock exclusive gear that you could not obtain otherwise.

Start earning your free NCash from PrizeRebel now and you can easily get all the cool items you've ever wanted from the Premium Shop.

Which Games Can I use My Free NCash In?

  • Warbane
  • R.O.D.E
  • Colony of War
  • Hero
  • Scions of Fate
  • Operation 7
  • Cloud Nine
  • Block Star
  • Music Shake
  • and more!

How To Redeem Your Free NCash:

Once you have your free Ultimate Game Card from PrizeRebel simply login to your account and visit the Netgame charge page. Select 'Ultimate Game Card' and complete the required information for your free NCash.

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