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How To Get Free Ninja Saga Tokens Or Free Ninja Emblem

Hooked on Ninja Saga? Claim your own free Ninja Saga Tokens now or grab a free Ninja Emblem instead. 

Now you can unlock all the extra features that come with tokens or an emblem. Read on to find out how to claim your free Tokens now.

How To Get Your Free Ninja Saga Tokens Or Free Ninja Emblem:

To earn your free Ninja Saga Tokens just create a account and participate in the available offers to claim your own Ultimate Game Card code. You can use this game code in Ninja Saga for Tokens or an Emblem.

PrizeRebel also offers Facebook Credits and iTunes gift cards so regardless of your country or preferred platform for Ninja Saga you'll be able to claim some free Ninja Saga Tokens or free Ninja Saga Emblem.

So what kind of 'offers' do you have to complete to redeem your Ninja Saga Tokens? Offers on PrizeRebel include surveys, videos, playing games, trying out Facebook/iOS/Android apps and much more.

Using PrizeRebel is the number one method of earning your free Ninja Saga Tokens. You can see an Ultimate Game Card I have used for Ninja Saga Tokens below:

What Are Ninja Saga Tokens? What Is The Ninja Emblem?

Ninja Saga Tokens are the premium currency available in Ninja Saga. Players can obtain small amounts through normal gameplay and daily events although they must be purchased to be acquired in bulk.

Saga Tokens can be used for items and talents that are not usually accessible to players with Ninja Saga Gold.

The Ninja Emblem is a once off upgrade that can be purchased to unlock premium extras. This includes daily Tokens, increase character limit, reduced prices and access to Ninja Emblem exclusive items.

Redeeming Your Free Ninja Saga Tokens or Free Ninja Emblem:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and earn enough points for an Ultimate Game Card, Facebook Game Card or iTunes Gift Card (depending on the platform that you play Ninja Saga on).
  • Once you've redeemed your card simply claim it in Ninja Saga.
  • If you play on your iOS device, add the iTunes gift card to your iTunes account and purchase the Tokens within the app.
  • Facebook redemption of your free Ninja Saga Tokens is shown below:

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