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How To Get Free NovaGems For Mech Quest

Do you play Mech Quest? How would you like to get free NovaGems to spend on awesome game items? Start earning your free NovaGems now.

How Do I Get My Free NovaGems?

To get your free NovaGems simply start using, PrizeRebel is similar to the AExtras page in that you are rewarded for completing surveys and other offers.

PrizeRebel is a dedicated gamer reward website which allows you to get free NovaGems and many other game currencies. Earn enough points on PrizeRebel for your free Ultimate Game Card which you can redeem for free NovaGems on Mech Quest.

Offers on PrizeRebel include surveys, watching sponsored videos, clicking advertisements and even trying out other popular games.

What Can I Buy With My Free NovaGems?

NovaGems are the premium game currency in Mech Quest which all you to unlock a number of extra benefits and equipment. With your free NoveGems from PrizeRebel you can get more hanger space, increase your inventory slots, buy the most powerful mechas, get powerful mods, devastating weapons, Starship items and temporary health or energy boosts.

To rise the Mech Quest ranks you need NovaGems to access the most powerful items and features.

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