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How To Get Free OMGPOP Cash

Can't get enough of the addicting games published by OMGPOP? Need more OMGPOP Coins? Now you can get free OMGPOP Cash to trade in for coins or premium features.

How To Get Your Free OMGPOP Cash:

Just get a free Ultimate Game Card (UGC) from and redeem it on the OMGPOP website for your free OMGPOP Cash.

On PrizeRebel you will complete sponsored offers and surveys (similar to the Earn OMGPOP Cash option). However, PrizeRebel is a dedicated reward website meaning they have a large range of potential offers and surveys for everyone. PrizeRebel also has the highest reward rates in the industry making them your number one option.

Offers on PrizeRebel include watching videos, playing games, installing iPhone apps, reviewing movies and even visiting websites. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get started the sooner you can have your free OMGPOP Cash for your favourite game.

What Is OMGPOP Cash?

OMGPOP Cash is the premium currency used across OMGPOP games. The main use of OMGPOP Cash is to be converted into OMGPOP Coins but is still used directly in some games to unlock extra content or unique features.

How To Redeem Your Free OMGPOP Cash or Coins:

After you have claimed your free Ultimate Game Card from PrizeRebel by completing the available offers on their website login to your OMGPOP game account and visit the OMGPOP Cash Shop:

Select 'More Ways To Pay' and then select 'Prepaid Game Card'. Select either the $10 or $20 option depending on your UGC code from PrizeRebel and follow the prompts to finish redeeming your free OMGPOP Cash.

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