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How To Get Free Gems On OurWorld

Are you addicted to OurWorld? How would you like to get free OurWorld Gems or a free OurWorld Resident account status? Now you can easily get them both for free by using PrizeRebel.

How Do I Get My Free OurWorld Gems? & Free OurWorld Resident?
To claim your free OurWorld Gems or free OurWorld Resident upgrade simply register for PrizeRebel and complete the available offers.

These offers are similar to the ones available in the 'free Gems' section of OurWorld and range from watching videos, completing surveys, signing up for websites, trying out services and even playing games. PrizeRebel is a much better option to get your free Gems for OurWorld though because they offer easier offers that will credit more often and reward you with higher amounts of Gems!

PrizeRebel has been around since 2007 making it the oldest site that will allow you to get free Gems or a free OurWorld Resident upgrade. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up now for PrizeRebel and start earning your free Gems!

What Are OurWorld Gems? What Is An OurWorld Resident?
OurWorld Gems are one of the currencies available in OurWorld and are used to purchase special virtual items that you cannot buy with Coins. These special items include hair, clothes, furniture, accessories and can even allow you to get high level clothing without having to be the required level.

An OurWorld Resident is premium membership available to OurWorld players. OurWorld Residents get many benefits including a bigger house, regular free Gems, exclusive monthly items, double experience, no ads and exclusive Resident only areas. These benefits (especially the free Gems) makes residency on OurWorld very popular.

Redeeming Your Free OurWorld Gems (Or Free OurWorld Resident):
  • Register at and complete offers for points.
  • Earn enough points for an Ultimate Game Card ($5 and $10 are cards available).
  • Login to your OurWorld account and visit the 'Buy Gems' (or 'Become Resident') page.
  • Select your desired amount of free Gems (or free Resident subscription length).
  • Choose PayByCash (Other Ways To Pay) as your payment option and check out:
  • Select Ultimate Game Card as your payment option and then follow the prompts to complete your free Gems or free Residence purchase:

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