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How To Get Free Power Tokens For ManagerZone

Are you hooked on the sport management games offered by ManagerZone? How would you like to get free Power Tokens to unlock premium game items and features.

How To Get Your Free Power Tokens:

To get your free Power Tokens simply signup for PrizeRebel and use their website to get a free Ultimate Game Card. Once you have your game card you can redeem it in the ManagerZone store for your own free Power Tokens.

To get your UGC code just complete the available offers on PrizeRebel which are available through their sponsors. These offers include surveys, research questions, watching videos and simple online tasks (that a human can do but a machine can't). Complete enough of these easy offers to claim a free Ultimate Game Card which you can use for Power Tokens.

PrizeRebel is similar to the 'Get Free Power Tokens' option already available on ManagerZone except that PrizeRebel has a larger variety of offers and also offers the highest rewarding offers.

What Are Power Tokens (PT)?

Power Tokens (PT for short) are the paid virtual currency available in ManagerZone. With Power Tokens you can purchase special items or services to customise and enhance your game experience.

With your free Power Tokens you will be able to purchase player items, start a friendly league, access instant matches, test your tactics, enter team challenges and much more.

How To Redeem Your Free Power Tokens:

After you have received your UGC code from PrizeRebel by completing offers simply login to your ManagerZone account and visit the Power Tokens page in the Store.

Click 'Get Power Tokens' and select your desired amount. Choose the PayByCash option and enter in your UGC PIN to get your free Power Tokens.

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