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How To Get Free Gold On SmallWorlds

Tired of not having Gold in SmallWorlds? Now you can easily get free Gold on SmallWorlds or you can get a free SmallWorlds VIP instead.

How Do I Get My Free SmallWorlds Gold or Free SmallWorlds VIP?
By using PrizeRebel you can get as much free Gold on SmallWorlds as you want! PrizeRebel is similar to the 'Earn Free Gold' section that is available on the SmallWorlds website, except that PrizeRebel is a dedicated rewards site meaning the offers you complete will credit more often and reward you with more free Gold!

The sponsored offers available on PrizeRebel range from surveys to games and even include watching videos or clicking advertisements. Once you complete enough offers you will be able to trade in your PrizeRebel points for an Ultimate Game Card which is an accepted payment method on SmallWorlds.

With just a small amount of spare time you can earn as much free Gold as you want to spend in SmallWorlds. Alternatively, you can redeem your free UGC code for a free SmallWorlds VIP upgrade instead. Register for PrizeRebel now to get started, just look at the Ultimate Game Card I have already claimed below:


What Is SmallWorlds Gold?
Gold is one of the available currencies in SmallWorld which can be purchased through the SmallWorld website for real money.

Users can also complete sponsored offers for free Gold but these have low rewards and low approval rates compared to a website like PrizeRebel.

Gold can be used to purchase things from the SmallWorld Shop and is also required to purchase some of the rarer items.

What Is SmallWorlds VIP?
SmallWorlds VIP is the premium membership that is available in SmallWorlds and comes with many benefits. 

With your free SmallWorlds VIP from PrizeRebel you will get a lump of free Gold to spend, be able to access special avatar options, unlock VIP only items and locations, gain access to the Dance Studio and even be able to take your pet with you anywhere!

How To Claim Your Free Gold or Free VIP For SmallWorlds:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and complete the easy offers for points.
  • Earn enough points for a free Ultimate Game Card (UGC).
  • Copy your UGC code from PrizeRebel and login to your SmallWorlds account.
  • Visit the 'Get Gold' or 'Become A VIP Member' page from SmallWorlds.
  • Choose your desired amount of free gold (or free VIP length) and select 'Ultimate Game Card' as your payment method.
  • Enter the PIN provided by PrizeRebel to redeem your free Gold or free VIP!

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