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How To Get Free Soul Gems For OverSoul

Are you tired of not having a powerful OverSoul character? Get free Soul Gems for OverSoul today and reach a whole new level of power.

How Do I Get My Free Soul Gems?

Simply register for PrizeRebel to claim your free Ultimate Game Card. Once you've got your free UGC you can redeem it on the OverSoul website for your free Soul Gems.

PrizeRebel is a dedicated reward website making it better then earning free Soul Gems through AExtras. You'll have a wider collection of offers to choose from and be rewarded with more Soul Gems for your time.

Offers on PrizeRebel include signing up for websites, completing surveys, playing games and even watching sponsored advertisements.

What Is OverSoul? What Are Soul Gems?

OverSoul is an online game published by Artix Entertainment, the game is completely playable online and features a turn based combat style using various cards. In OverSoul you will battle monsters and other players on your quest to possess stronger and stronger souls.

Soul Gems are the premium game currency which allow you to unlock premium game extras and content. Your free Soul Gems will let you evolve characters, buy unique items and unlock extra characters.

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