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How To Get Free Travian Gold

Do you play Travian? Are you looking for ways to get free Travian Gold? Read on to find out how you can get unlimited free Travian Gold without using any fake Travian Gold hacks.

How Do I Get My Free Travian Gold?

To get your free Travian Gold simply register for PrizeRebel and complete the avaialble offers on their website. These offers include surveys, signing up for websites, trialling products, playing games and watching sponsored videos.

For completing these offers on PrizeRebel you will earn points which you can redeem for your own free Ultimate Game Code which you can use to purchase free Travian Gold from the official Travian website.

PrizeRebel is the best rewards website available and will have your Travian account decked out in free Travian gold in no time. Start earning your free Travian Gold now and can get all the bonuses you've ever wanted.

What Is Travian Gold? What Can I Get With My Free Travian Gold?

Travian Gold allows you to get a leg up on the competition in Travian. With your free Travian Gold you can directly influence your strength in Travian with benefits including increased resource production, instant building completion and faster research completion.

To become one of the best Travian players on your server you generally need Travian Gold for the bonuses it provides.

How To Redeem Your Free Travian Gold:

  • Register for PrizeRebel (get 10 points for completing your profile).
  • Visit the 'Offers' section and complete enough offers to earn a free UGC code.
  • Claim your free Ultimate Game Card (UGC) code from PrizeRebel.
  • Login to your Travian accountand visit the Travian Plus menu.
  • Now select your desired amount of free Travian Gold
  • Once you have selected your desired amount scroll down to the PayByCash option:
  • This will then open up a new window, from here select Ultimate Game Card
  • Now simply enter your UGC PIN from PrizeRebel and you will have your free Travian Gold!

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