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How To Get Free Tribes Ascend Gold

Do you play Tribes Ascend? Would you like to be able to get free Tribes Ascend Gold? With your Tribes Ascend free Gold you will be able to purchase exclusive extras, power ups and items. 

Best of all when you claim your free Tribes Ascend Gold you will be granted free Tribes VIP status which means you will earn 50% more EXP in every match that you play.

How Do I Get My Free Tribes Ascend Gold?
To get your free Tribes Ascend Gold all you have to do is register for PrizeRebel and claim a free Ultimate Game Card (UGC) code. Once you get your free UGC code you can redeem it on the Tribes Ascend website for your Tribes Ascend Free Gold.

To get your free Ultimate Game Card from PrizeRebel all you have to do is complete offers on their website. These offers include surveys, signing up for websites, watching sponsored videos, clicking advertisements and even playing games. 

By doing these simple online activities you can easily earn your own free Tribes Ascend Gold to unlock and upgrade your weapons in Tribes Ascend. After you claim your free Tribes Ascend Gold you will also unlock Tribes Ascend VIP which means increased experience from all your matches.

The sooner you sign-up for PrizeRebel the quicker you can start unlocking weapons at a faster pace to enjoy the full Tribes Ascend experience. You can check out my first Ultimate Game Card code from the PrizeRebel website below:

How To Claim Your Free Tribes Ascend Gold:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and earn the required number of points by completing offers for a free Ultimate Game Card code.
  • Claim your free UGC code from the PrizeRebel prize section.
  • Login to your Tribes Ascend account and access the Tribes Ascend Gold page.
  • Choose your desired amount of free Tribes Ascend Gold and select whether you want it for yourself or as a gift for a friend. Then select 'Other' as the payment method:
  • After you press the 'Check Out' button select 'More Choices' and choose the Ultimate Game Card option.
  • Enter in the Ultimate Game Card PIN that you got for free from PrizeRebel. Now you can enjoy spending your free Tribes Ascend Gold.

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