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How To Get Free Turbine Points For LOTRO

Are you hooked on Lord of the Rings Online? How would you like to get free Turbine Points so you can purchase exclusive features, items and game extras? Read on to find out how to get your hands on free Turbine Points now.

How To Get Your Free Turbine Points:
To get your free Turbine Points simply register for PrizeRebel and complete offers to earn a free Ultimate Game Card. This Ultimate Game Card can be redeemed in the Lord of the Rings Online Store for free Turbine Points.

The offers available on PrizeRebel range from simple surveys to sign-up offers and even include playing games or watching sponsored advertisments. The sooner you sign-up for PrizeRebel the sooner you can unlock your free Turbine Points to unlock all the best items and features in Lord of the Rings Online.

PrizeRebel has been providing free Turbine Points and other free prizes for gamers since it launched in 2007 making it the number one destination for free prizes.

What Can I Get With My Free Turbine Points?

Turbine Points are the premium currency used in the Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online and Asheron's Call. This premium currency allows you to get many premium game benefits in your favourite game.

With your free Turbine Points you can purchase extra game content, more quests, extra locations, cosmetic changes, unique mounts, experience boosts, character buffs and much more for your Lord of the Rings Online account.

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