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How To Get Free Urban Rivals Credits

Do you want free Urban Rivals Credits? Get your free Urban Rivals Credits now to unlock more characters or Clintz for your account.

How Do I Get My Free Urban Rivals Credits?

To get your free Urban Rivals Credits just register for PrizeRebel and complete the available offers. By completing these offers you will be able to claim a free Ultimate Game Card which you can redeem for your free Urban Rivals Credits.

The offers on PrizeRebel are similar to those in the 'Free Credits' section of The Shop except that they are higher rewarding and easier to complete. On PrizeRebel you will be rewarded for completing market surveys, signing up for websites, taking part in contests, watching videos and even visiting websites.

PrizeRebel is your number one destination for free Urban Rivals Credits and other gaming currencies or memberships that you are after.

What Can I Get With My Free Urban Rivals Credits?

With your free Urban Rivals Credits you can unlock more characters and even trade them in for more Clintz.

How To Redeem Your Free Credits:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and complete enough offers for a free Ultimate Game Card.
  • Login to your Urban Rivals account and navigate to the 'Get More Credits' page.
  • Select your payment method as Ultimate Game Card (shown below):

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