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How To Get Free Wooz On Woozworld

Do you play Woozworld? How would you like to get free Wooz on Woozworld or maybe a free Woozworld VIP membership? 

With your free Wooz or VIP membership you can access exclusive game features and purchase everything that you have ever wanted in the Woozworld universe.

How Do I Get My Free Wooz and Free Woozworld VIP?
To get your free Wooz all you have to do is register for PrizeRebel and earn enough points on their website for an Ultimate Game Card, you can then redeem this Ultimate Game Card on Woozworld for any amount of free Wooz that you want.

So how do you earn points on PrizeRebel? Simply visit the 'Earn Points' page and complete a variety of offers. 

These offers include surveys, registering for websites, playing games, watching videos and other simple tasks. These offers are similar to those offered in the 'Earn Free Wooz' section of Woozworld except that they are easier to complete and will reward you with more free Wooz!

By starting on PrizeRebel today you will be able to have free Wooz for Woozworld in no time at all, which will allow you to purchase anything you want from the shop.

What Is Wooz? What Is Woozworld VIP?
Wooz is the premium currency available in WoozWorld which like Beex can be used to purchase items from shops. With your free Wooz you can purchase exclusive Wooz only items or purchase expensive Beex items for a cheaper price.

Woozworld VIP is the membership option that is available in Woozworld which gives you a daily allowance of free Wooz, doubles your Beez earnings, allows you to skip waiting lines, access new clothing, gain entry into the exclusive Unitz, a golden profile window and you get 20 starting Energy instead of 15.

If you are sick and tired of not having enough Beex to buy items or simple want the extra features that come with a Woozworld VIP membership then get started on PrizeRebel now and earn that free Wooz!

How To Redeem Your Free Wooz:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and earn enough points for a Ultimate Game Card.
  • Redeem an Ultimate Game Card from PrizeRebel ($5 or $10).
  • Login to your Woozworld account and open the store.
  • Select the amount of free Wooz you want (or membership).
  • Set the payment method to Ultimate Game Card and enter the code from PrizeRebel.

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