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How To Get Free World of Tanks Gold
(And Free World of Tanks Premium)

Do you play World of Tanks? Sick and tired of not having Gold? Now you can easily get free World of Tanks Gold to get a free World of Tank premium upgrade, extra credits, premium tanks and much more.

How To Get Your Free Gold For World of Tanks:
Getting your free World of Tanks Gold couldn't be easier, simply register for PrizeRebel and complete offers for points. These points can be traded for a free Ultimate Game Card which can be redeemed on the World of Tanks website for free Gold.

Offers on PrizeRebel range from signing up for websites, completing surveys, watching sponsored advertisements, playing games and other simple tasks. In no time at all you will be able to earn endless amounts of free World of Tanks Gold.

What Is World of Tanks? What Is Gold?
World of Tanks is a popular MMO that focuses on PvP combat where players control tanks and other armored vehicles. World of Tanks now boasts over 50 million registered accounts making it one of the most popular MMOs currently available.

World of Tanks offers a variety of gameplay options including random battles (CTF and deathmatch) along with team training and tank company game options. World of Tanks offers five different types of vehicles making for a strategic level of gameplay. Since the game originally went live many games like World of Tanks have surfaced to try and catch some of the huge market now held by WoT.

World of Tanks uses the Gold currency which is available for purchase with a credit card, PayPal, mobile and also Ultimate Game Cards (the method to get free World of Tanks Gold on this page). You can see proof of a $5 Ultimate Game Card I have used for gold below:

With Your Free World of Tanks Gold You Can:
You have many ways to spend your free World of Tanks Gold from PrizeRebel Your free Gold can be used for a free World of Tanks premium account upgrade which allows you to get 50% more experience and credits.

Your free World of Tanks Gold can also be used to:

  • Get extra credits and experience.
  • Purchase premium tanks.
  • Additional garage slots.
  • Premium shells and consumables.
  • Create a clan
  • And much more! (See the full list of Gold benefits here).

How To Redeem Your Free Gold:

  • Login to your World of Tanks account and press the 'Get Gold' button (top right of your screen). This will take you to the payment screen shown below, select 'More payment options' and your desired package then click continue.
  • A pop-up will then appear, select Ultimate Game Card as your pament method and enter the UGC PIN from PrizeRebel for your free Wo Gold.

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