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How To Get Free Z-Tokens For Adventure Quest

Tired of not having Z-Tokens? Get your free Z-Tokens for Adventure Quest (AQ) now. With your free Z-Tokens you can get special weapons and equipment to boost your power in Adventure Quest.

How Do I Get My Free Z-Tokens?

Simply sign-up for PrizeRebel and complete surveys on their website for points. Once you earn enough points you can claim a free Ultimate Game Card which you can use on the official Adventure Quest website for free Z-Tokens.

PrizeRebel is similar to the earn free Z-Tokens feature on the Adventure Quest website except that PrizeRebel has more offers available and rewards you more because it is a dedicated rewards website.

To earn your free Z-Tokens on PrizeRebel simply complete offers including surveys, watching videos, signing up for websites and even trying out other games.

What Can I Buy With My Free Z-Tokens?

Your free Z-Tokens unlock plenty of extra features and benefits on Adventure Quest. You can purchase unique equipment from the Z-Token equipment shop, exchange your Z-Tokens for Gold, unlock spells, pets and even houses.

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