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How To Get Free ZEN For
Perfect World Games

Do you play one of the games published by Perfect World? How would you like to get free ZEN for your favourite game to unlock extra content, features and items? There is an easy way to get free ZEN for all Perfect World games.

What Is ZEN?
ZEN is a virtual currency that is used in all games published by Perfect World Entertainment. With ZEN you can purchase exclusive virtual items from each individual games' cash shop. These cash shop items can include cosmetic changes, pets, unique equipment and can even unlock additional game content.

Buying ZEN is easy thanks to the large number of payment options available, read on to learn more about earning your free ZEN.

How Can I Get My Free ZEN?
To get your Free ZEN simply register for and complete offers on their website (surveys, watch videos, play games, signup for websites).

These offers are similar to those that are available on the 'Earn Free ZEN' page except that they will reward you more often and pay more, allowing you to get your free ZEN much quicker. PrizeRebel is also open to members from all countries unlike the earn ZEN page which has limited earning possibilities unless you are from certain countries.

PrizeRebel offers free Ultimate Game Cards in return for completing offers which can be redeemed on the Perfect World website for free ZEN. These offers include surveys, watching videos, playing games and signing up for websites.

The sooner you join PrizeRebel the quicker you can get your own free ZEN to spend in one of the many great Perfect World games. Below you can see the very first Ultimate Game Card code I claimed from PrizeRebel to spend in a Perfect World game:

How To Redeem Your Free ZEN:

  • Earn enough points on PrizeRebel by completing offers.
  • Redeem a $5 or $10 Ultimate Game Card (UGC) from PrizeRebel.
  • Login to your Perfect World account and visit the 'Charge ZEN' page to redeem your UGC for free ZEN. Next click the Charge ZEN Now button as shown below:
  • Select the Ultimate Game Card payment option:
  • Choose the amount of ZEN based on the UGC code from PrizeRebel:
  • You will then see the pop-up below where you will enter your Ultimate Game Card. Once entered you will instantly receive your free ZEN!

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