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Free Realm Gold - ROTMG Free Gold

Hooked on Realm of the Mad God? Want some free Realm Gold? Then Claim some ROTMG free gold now to unlock extra character slots, potions, clothes, accessories, pets, dungeon keys and much more.

How Do I Get My ROTMG Free Gold?

Simply use PrizeRebel for your free Realm Gold. PrizeRebel is one of the biggest reward websites and allows you to claim many free game related prizes (including PayPal cash which can be redeemed for ROTMG free gold). You can send these free PayPal funds to a PayPal account and don't need to link it to a credit card or bank account before purchasing Realm of the Mad God Gold.

On PrizeRebel you'll complete offers, surveys, play games, trial products, register for websites, watch videos and much more to earn points for prizes.

Complete enough offers on PrizeRebel and you'll be able to redeem as much free Realm Gold as you want. Spend it all on your Realm of the Mad God account or if you stop playing ROTMG use your points for another popular game currency for free!

If you are sick of not having any extra character slots for your account then claim some ROTMG free gold from now.

How To Claim Your Free Realm Gold:

  • Register for PrizeRebel and earn enough points for PayPal funds ($5, $10 or many other denominations).
  • Login to your Realm of the Mad God account and approach a buy Realm Gold location in the Nexus, then click the 'Buy' button at the bottom of your screen:
  • A window will appear, select the 'PayPal' option and your desired amount of ROTMG free gold (depends on if you claimed a $5 or $10 from PrizeRebel):

What Is Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG)?  What Is Realm Gold?

Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG) is a popular MMO that was officially released in 2011. The game can be played online and is also available through the Steam platform.

Realm of The Mad God features simple pixel art accompanied by simple gameplay that closely resembles that of a hack and slash action role playing game (such as Diablo). Players will battle monsters, team up with other players and find loot in what is both a simple but addicting game experience.

Uniquely in ROTMG character death is permanent with death resulting in loss of a character and any equipped items. The game is free to play but is supported with microtransactions known as Realm Gold.

This Realm Gold can be used to purchase a variey of consumables, items, experience boosts and dungeon keys. The most common reason people start looking for ways to get free Realm Gold though is the ability to unlock additional character slots.

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